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The Path To Success Isn't a Straight Line

We tend to romanticize the path to success. We maintain this perception that getting there was a straight-forward path. Particularly when we see others achieve it. This view that these folks took step 1, then step 2, and so on and so forth, until they achieved what they set out to do. That it was a clean path. That things just happened for them.

The truth is…

Dealing With Change

"The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings." (Kakuzo Okakaura)

"A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it." (Chinese proverb)

Too often, when there is a change in our surroundings, our environment, our organization, or our personal lives - one that impacts the status quo in a material way, we can be at a loss as to how to react.