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The Point Of Protest...

The point of protest is to create discomfort.

The point of pushing our boundaries is to break things (and, yes, to break through).

The point of being different is to provoke an alternate reaction.

These discomforts, breakthroughs, reactions have a purpose. They are to topple the old order, to change our minds, to drive change.

This is a good thing, so long as the intent is pure. It's what yields growth, bringing the next rung of growth into visibility.

It doesn't always work. 

Sometimes, it creates chaos that doesn't move us forward, and we have to retrench. That's OK.

What's not OK, is to not do anything.

To not push our boundaries and think or act differently, because we're comfortable with the status quo.

Because then we're guaranteed to fail. Because then we're the establishment. 

When we really should be the punk.

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