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Screw Your (And My) Experience...

Screw Your (And My) Experience...

Every so often, we see it.

That guy who worked in finance, then decided to leap into the world of books and online retailing, to start a successful enterprise.

Or that gal who went into the flower business -despite having no prior industry knowledge - and created a profitable, growing business in just a couple of years.

There’s a reason that individuals with no experience in a particular industry, but with a clear vision of the problem they are trying to solve, relentless drive and a continuous improvement mindset, end up building extremely successful businesses.

They don’t give a shit about prior experience. They’re unencumbered by “how things are done”, “industry norms” or other types of limiting expectations.

Instead, they believe they can solve the problem at hand. They just trust their judgement and set about solving the problem.

Not by re-creating the (tried and true) processes and mechanisms that people in the industry have been using for years. The ones that have got them where they are but have also resulted in the issues that most irritate their customers.

But by re-thinking how things are done. By trying something different. By having the audacity to change industry norms.

Of course, they won’t make everyone happy. They’ll certainly piss off many of the existing players. They’ll even have so-called industry experts questioning them, guaranteeing that this new model is a fad, that the industry will set them right in due course.

The fact is that all of those rules, norms, expectations were created by someone at some point for some purpose. Many times, they were created by those industry experts to “protect” the way things are done.

Screw that.

Break the mold. Make your own rules. As Seth Godin likes to say, go make a ruckus.

Just go do it.

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