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"It's Not For You"

"It's not for you."

If what I'm offering - a product, a service, a connection, an idea, a friendship - doesn't resonate with who I'm offering it to, the tendency is to try harder. To promote it more vigorously. To look for additional angles to 'make the sale'.

And if these approaches don't work, we get caught up in ourselves, in our heads. We beat ourselves up. We play it over and over in our minds. We fret about what could have been.

But if we've done our homework, if we know who we are, if we know what we have to give, and the offer still doesn't resonate, then maybe we should simply accept the situation for what it is.

It wasn't for you. 

And there's nothing wrong with that. There's no judgement. I'm not wrong. You're not stupid. It wasn't the case that you didn't get it. Or I wasn't good enough. It simply is what it is.

It just wasn't for you. 

Because I didn't make this for everyone. I made it for those for whom this would make a difference. Those who needed this relationship, this help, this partnership. 

And if that doesn't include you, that's ok. 

H/T to Seth Godin.

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