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Everyone Has A Platform (Part 1)

The best thing about technology today is that everyone has a platform.

It doesn’t matter whether our preferred medium is in written, audio or visual form, we have access to all the technology we need to create, publish, broadcast and market our message to anyone, whether they’re in our hometown or all the way across the other side of the globe.

And for the most part, the technology to do so, is easy and (usually) free to access. Blogging tools are freely available at no or low cost. Podcasting software is freely available on the web, and simple enough for anyone to use. Video creation technology is as close as your smartphone, and editing tools come preloaded on your laptop, or are freely downloadable from the internet.

So when it comes to sharing our message, to getting the word out about who we are and why our point of view (or product or beliefs) matter, we really have no excuse. We just need to do it.

Which doesn't , of course, mean it’s easy. There are plenty of examples of folks who want to write this, or publish that or otherwise create the work of their lives, but they get pulled into all manner of other activities - some important (work commitments, family), others less so (binge watching the latest show on Netflix).

Don’t get me wrong, I empathize - this was me for many years before I finally committed to doing this blog. And while I’m proud of what I’m doing on this platform, there’s still plenty of other creative avenues I want to pursue that remain, in large part, untouched. So I get it.

My point is, I can’t make excuses for why I’m not doing some of those other things. I do need to be upfront about why I do (or don’t do) what I do. And almost always, the reason is that I simply haven’t made it a priority for myself, for better or for worse, to do those other things. I don’t have the excuse that I don’t have the tools or the access or the abilities. I’m simply not making the time.

So the priority is, first and foremost, to recognize that we have a platform - in whatever form we desire. And we can access it at a moment’s notice, without needing significant sums of money, or any special sets of capabilities. In most cases, they’re free and more than intuitive.

Now, we need to make getting our message out a priority. So stop vacillating.

Go do it.

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Everyone Has A Platform (Part 2)

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