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Everyone Has A Platform (Part 2)

Everyone Has A Platform (Part 2)

In my last post, I said that the great thing about technology today is that everyone has a platform.

At the same time, the terrible thing about technology today is that everyone has a platform. The thing is just because we have access to a platform doesn’t mean we can use it. That access has got to come with some level of responsibility.

Note that I’ve used the word “can” and not “should”. I believe we should all use the  platforms available to us to get our message out. The problem is that many of us can’t do it properly.

(We see all sorts of examples of this - from the relatively benign (companies that use blogs to simply sell versus educate, that simply add to the clutter of the marketplace) to the malignant (those who thrive on trolling, spreading hate and negativity). Yes, you could argue that those engaged in the latter absolutely can use their respective platforms, but that they just choose to do so with negative intent. And you’d be right. That’s a whole separate conversation, so for the purposes of this discussion, I’m not going to focus on that subset.)

It’s not a question of production values, or of polish or finesse. That’s absolutely not the point. Because a compelling idea recorded on a smartphone can still reach hundreds of millions of people. A unique point of view dictated into an audio recorder downloaded for free off the internet can still move a targeted audience. And a thoughtful commentary posted on a free blogging platform can still change minds. If done right. 

If. Done. Right.


We have to be focused in our message. Don’t ramble. Don’t drone on. Distill down to 1, 2 or at most 3 key messages, but all under a central theme. What should I walk away with after reading your post?

We have to have something to say. No platitudes. No politically correct bullshit. A clear point of view, that represents YOU.

We have to add value. Don’t sell - give the audience no choice but to buy. Be convincing in the argument, the point of view. Don’t just self-promote.

We should be bring together and move forward, not tear down. Emphasize the positive and how we change for good (if change is our goal.

Most of all, we have to be honest. Be you. Show our personality. Flaunt our quirks. Be human.

The technology, the polish and all that other stuff? It’s secondary.

If you stay true to the few basic tenets above, no one will care if you used a Leica or a 4 year old iPhone.

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