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"Get The Ball To Michael" (Part 2)

"Get The Ball To Michael" (Part 2)

Photo Credit:  Achim Hepp

Photo Credit: Achim Hepp

As I wrote in my post on Monday, it's all about the team. No matter who or how many stars you have, their success - our success - depends predominantly on the ability of team to deliver as a cohesive unit.  

But there is a critical lesson for all us in the mentality, the mindset of the star performer: 

They're not afraid to take responsibility.

Michael Jordan was ready for it, eager for it. He went to where the action was, in fact, he looked to create it. Because his ethos was - give me the ball and I'll get the job done. 

Guys like Cristiano Ronaldo always want the ball. They want to be at the center of the game. They don't shy away from the action. They want to control it, manage it, change it. 

It's the same for the star in your company department, practice area or group. They're ready to take on the load, to lead by example. They're willing to put themselves out there because they have the confidence to take control, to take responsibility for the result.

Many times, they deliver. Sometimes, they don't. 

And when they don't, they don't overthink it. They analyze what happened, they learn from it, and they move on. There's no permanent impact on their psyche. They don't keep beating themselves over it. They accept it and they push on. That's life: you win some you lose some, but you keep on trucking.

The lesson for us is clear. Do we look for the work? Or do we avoid it? Do we actively put ourselves in the center of the ring? Or do we skirmish on the sidelines, busying ourselves until the spotlight's turned off? 

We should all aspire to have the mentality of the star.

Look for the ball. Look for the opportunity. Welcome it. Expect it. Relish it.

Put yourself in the game and be willing to put yourself out there. Strive to take charge of the game.

Your message should be: give me the ball, and I'll get the job done. 

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