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The Values You Accept Define Who You are

The Values You Accept Define Who You are

Values are important. Values are sacrosanct. Values define who we are.

We all stand for - become known for - a specific set of values, whether we've expressly considered this or not. 

This is true as a citizen, as a family member or as an employee. We profit by association, but we can also be guilty by association.

Which is why we have to actively fight for the values we believe in.

Passivity is not an option, unless you’re willing to be defined by someone else's value set. 

If you accept the values of your leaders, then make no mistake, you will be defined by those same values as well.

This acceptance can be explicit - where you openly adopt and display these values - or they can be implicit - whereby you simply acquiesce and/or normalize the behaviors they exhibit.

In those instances, you don't get to say, "well, he's like that but it doesn't represent me" or "she always says things like that, it doesn't mean anything". No. What he says or how she acts is you. That's who you are. That's what you become.

If you tolerate poor values, if you normalize them, if you turn a blind eye, it's on you. Don't pass the buck. Don't shift the blame. Don't avert your eyes.

The alternative, is to do the right thing.

Push back. Vocalize. Protest. Take action.

Don't let those values define you. Don't become one of them.

It could mean you will take heat from the community you're in. You're colleagues may resent your actions.

But you have to decide what you want.

Is this who you are? Is this who we are?

Own your values. Decide who you are. Be that person.

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