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Being True to Your Art

A while ago, I watched a Michael Smerconish interview of Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame). It was centered around his tour and the frequent political statements he made during his shows.

At one point, he asked Waters:

“What would you say to someone who is looking for escapism? That they're not coming to a rock concert to hear political views?”

Waters’ response: “Go and see Katy Perry! Watch The Kardashians! Go and escape!”

In other words, there are choices to be made - both by those delivering the service and those consuming it.

If you deliver the service, your goal must be to be true to your art. Do what is demanded to deliver your perception of high quality, of high value, of complete performance. Don’t compromise, don’t worry about the give and take, do what’s right. You’ll know what and when that is, because you’ll feel it in your gut. If you deliver on the basis of someone else’s expectations of quality (when it goes against the grain of what you believe to be right), then you’ve started from the wrong spot.

If you are the consumer, you have a choice to make as well. Be mindful of what to expect when you go to consume (so to speak). Remember that you’re the one making the choice. If it aligns with your goals then great, if it doesn’t, then you can choose not to consume it. What you can’t do is demand that the provider change their ways to what suits you. If you don’t like it, vote with your feet and your wallet.

That’s the point that Waters was making. It’s important to be true to our art and our values. To do what we think is right. Anything else is failing to be who we are.

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