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I'm Not A Runner (AKA Our Constraints Are The Problem)

I'm Not A Runner (AKA Our Constraints Are The Problem)

I’m not a runner. That’s what I’ve told myself time and time again.

I’ve always said that I dislike the idea of running. Oh, and the practice of it.

I don’t like it because I can’t run fast. Because I don’t want to run 5 miles. Because running for that length of time makes my feet hurt.

I do like the simplicity of running, though. The solitude. The ability to zone out.

I do also like the fact that it’s good for you. And that you can do it anywhere, without any special equipment. At a moment’s notice. 

So I guess I’d like to run.

But I’m still not a runner. Because I can’t run fast. Or for 5 miles. Or for a significant length of time.

Because that’s what being a runner is, isn’t it? Those are the standards, right?

Yes they are. If those are the standards that I’ve defined in my own head. In fact, those are the standards that I’ve built up over the years. And unless I accept them and get over them, I’m not a runner.

The truth is, though, that we are runners. Each and very one of us. If we want to be.

And if we want to be, we don’t have to prescribe to those, or any, standards. We just have to run.

In fact, it’s ok to run real slow. To just run down the block and back. For only 10 minutes. We have to start somewhere.

We just have to start. We don’t need to pressure ourselves to get ‘somewhere’ before we consider ourselves worthy of being called “runners”.

We just have to be. We just have to do. A little bit. Then a bit more. And then a bit more. We have to set our own standards, whatever those are, so that we can get going. We just have to do.

Maybe, we are runners after all.

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