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Don't Believe The Hype

To be human is to be complex. It means we aren’t one thing. We’re multi-faceted.

For example, that sports star that won that coveted trophy actually isn’t perfect. She’s made (and will continue to make) plenty of mistakes along the way.

And that team that finished in second place, the one whose faults are being picked apart by all critics? Well, they still played better than all the other teams in the league - except for one.

Both are successful - and successful beyond most people’s wildest dreams. But in the aftermath of a championship, we don’t look at them in that way. 

When things go well, we have this tendency to glorify the victors. To put them on some sort of pedestal and airbrush their faults. We do the same type thing with those that didn’t win the big trophy - only in reverse. We pick them apart, identifying flaws and problems as if it will be the absolute undoing of them.

This same overgeneralization extends into our personal spheres. That guy who runs that successful business? Well, surely he knows how to invest money, advise on my industry, provide personal advice, etc.? Because successful people have it all together, right?

No, not necessarily. Some of them have  a lot of things together. Others don’t.

Because they’re human. They’re normal. To use the old cliche, they get out of bed the same way you and I do.

The problem is we love to generalize. We love to apply labels. We love to create comfortable, familiar boxes we can put others in. Because it makes things easier. I can categorize you in a specific way, and then not have to think about or deal with the complexity that makes you human, that makes you real, that makes you interesting.

In other words, I don’t have to make the effort to actually get to know you.

We all, deep down, know that that isn’t really the truth, don’t we? Even if we look at ourselves, I think that we might admit that there are good things about us and there are things not quite as good.  We’re a work in progress. I think we can accept that.

Here’s the thing, though: so is everyone else.

So, let’s look under the first layer. Let’s look for the complexity. Let’s cherish it.

Because that’s what makes us real. That’s what makes us interesting. That’s what makes us - you and me - special.

Happy Holidays, folks!

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