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The Thing About Politics...

cCertainly, we’re elected to represent our communities but there will be times when doing the right thing - guided by facts, values and reasoned judgements - can be at odds with what our community wants. 

Because not every decision you make can have 100% alignment and complete consensus. Not everyone will buy in. 

But that’s the reality of our roles.

And that’s our responsibility. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an elected official or if you’re elected to lead a professional services firm. 

Its your job to take difficult decisions and do what’s in the long term interests of the community you represent. To do the right thing. 

Even when that means you’ll be unpopular in the short term. Even when that means there will be dissent amongst the ranks. Even if it means you could risk your role.  

The reality, of course, is that we don’t often see this level of bravery. More often than not - especially in the political realm, but just as much in the commercial world - we find the Ballot box more alluring than the ‘right thing’. 

And that’s when we all lose.  

Again, this isn’t an easy choice. Adulation is intoxicating.  

But that’s why the real sign of bravery is when we consciously step away from the adulation and still do what needs to be done. 

"It’s Like A Pizza..."

"It’s Like A Pizza..."

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