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Stop Doing Nothing

Stop Doing Nothing


Obviously,  we always want to make the right decision.

Whether it's to do with our careers, our families or our health. We want to make the right choice - one that sets us on the way to success via the straightest possible route.

But, we don't always do it. Because it isn't always clear what "right" is. We wait. We assess. We want to be certain. Because we don't want to get it wrong. 

So we procrastinate. We continue gathering data. We debate with ourselves. All in the hopes of finding "right".

The truth is, though, that we don't and won't always know what "right" is. In fact, "right" can be multiple things to different people. 

The most visible example of this is when it comes to our health. Low carb, high carb, vegetarian, vegan, meat-eating, low sugar, gluten-free, etc. The list and debates go on.

In these instances, taking no decision - which is what we are often doing - is the worst possible thing we can do. Yes, even worse that making the wrong decision.

Because with the wrong decision, at least you know what doesn't work. At least, you built momentum. At least, you moved the ball forward.

Inaction is always worse than action. 

Stop worrying. There are always second chances. There is always multiple avenues to growth.

But doing nothing won't get you to any of them. They will keep you where you are.

Doing nothing is often the worst possible action you can take.

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