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So You 'Made' It. Is That It?

So You 'Made' It. Is That It?


We put a lot of work into achieving our goals and getting ourselves to where we want to be, whether in our relationships, our ventures or our careers. 

And when we achieve these goals, we feel satisfied - which of course we should. There's value in our success, and we should celebrate it. 

But a goal - any goal - must not be an end in and of itself. To do so, suggests that no further change is needed. That there is nowhere else to go. That we are at our own personal zenith.

Because then we take the easy path - and the easiest place to transition into, then, is a state of complacency. We sit back, satisfied, proud of what we've done. And we think:

This is it.  

When it isn't.

Complacency = Stasis = Entropy.

Instead, we need to change our mindset. Every goal is not an end in itself, but rather a milestone. Not a final achievement, but a stepping stone to our next level. 

(And remember that: it is all about our next level, not someone else's. So I'm not suggesting we judge ourselves by the standards of conventional wisdom, but our own.) 

As a species, we are all about evolution - as well as revolution - so change really is, to use an age old cliche, endemic. 

So when you hit your goal - achieve that promotion, lose that weight, meet that special person, write that book, etc. - enjoy it, celebrate it, announce it.  

But then think about what's next. How will you develop. How will you grow.  

Don't celebrate the status quo. 

Challenge it.  

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