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Great Ideas Cannot Be Held Back

Great Ideas Cannot Be Held Back

Photo credit to  Serge Saint

Photo credit to Serge Saint

Successful ventures are always centered around a single great idea. A great idea that has the power to move people, industries and nations.

But in order for the idea to flourish, in order for it to move through its optimal trajectory, it cannot be subject to boundaries, constraints or limitations. You cannot, must not, place barriers or restraints around what it takes to bring the idea to fruition.

Be it limitations in the time it should take, the ultimate form that it manifests or the people that are needed to execute it.

And it is the people front that is the most critical.

Great ideas are blind to material or physical concerns. They don't pay attention to color, creed or race. They don't care if you're rich or poor. They don't give a shit about your individual belief system.

In fact, they depend on the very diversity of humanity to make them happen. On the very fact that we're not all the same. That it is these very differences that combine to push us to the next level.

Great ideas depend on our heterogeneity, in all of its forms.

That's the only truth - a truism in a world where we can't seem to agree on whether there is any such thing.

So when we start to take steps to place such limitations on our ideas, they start to unravel. They gradually come apart at the seams. (Sometimes, not so gradually.)

And when that happens, we lose. Not just the 'makers'. All of us.

We're in times when we need to remember this simple fact. It's what created our most favorite businesses. Our most cherished art. Our most loved institutions.

It is, after all, what created the United States of America.

Great ideas are enduring. And over time, and in spite of any man made obstacles, they get where they need to go.

You can't stop a great idea. You can try, but it will only be to your detriment.

Great ideas won't let it happen. Because if you get in the way, it will find someone else to make them happen.

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