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One Foot In Front of The Other

One Foot In Front of The Other

Photo credit to  Miles Bannan

Photo credit to Miles Bannan

When you lose a big client, a plum job, an exciting opportunity or suffer some other sort of material setback, it's difficult not to be consumed by it.  To let it become all-absorbing. To be able to think of anything but the loss. Especially when it was one you expected to win hands-down.

For a period of time, this is perfectly fine. It's healthy and necessary. Don't lock up the emotions. Acknowledge them and deal with them.

But at some point, it's important to take stock and move on. 

Self-reflection is the first port of call. Why did this happen? What could I have done differently? What can I do to improve going forward, for the next time something like this presents itself?

It's important that this analysis be as objective as possible. No judgement. No blame (inward or outward). No pity (absolutely no pity).

Then, when the analysis is done - action. A steady, conscious movement forward.

It doesn't have to be big steps. It doesn't have to be fully pre-planned. There just has to be action. One foot in front of the other. Forward progress.

In times of adversity, I've tried to remember that. When you don't know what else to do, do the fundamentals. Make that call. Develop that pitch. Talk to one other person. 

Just take a step. Then another. Then another.

Difficult as it may be, it's important to keep moving forward. In due course, things improve, your trajectory is restored, you're back on track.

Keep moving forward. Just one foot in front of the other.

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