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Why It's OK to Be A Sore Loser

Why It's OK to Be A Sore Loser

I have a hard time accepting that being a sore loser is a bad thing.

I mean, if I believe in what I'm doing, if I've put my heart and soul into it, if I've given it everything I have, am I simply supposed to accept the result and calmly walk away?

Isn't it natural for me to react with emotion? With anger?

I've talked before about how I consider business to be personal, that if we want to achieve anything great, we have to participate in such endeavors in a very intimate, all-encompassing way. One that requires - demands - real emotional vulnerability.

And that comes at a price. 

A loss hits hard. It shifts you from the path that you have set yourself on. Of course, it shouldn't derail you - you have to believe in the cause and the goal to an extent that you will cross whatever hurdle is necessary - but it does impact you.

If it doesn't, you have to question your passion for the mission. If it didn't at least make you flinch, then you need to think hard about what you're doing. Because indifference is the enemy. 

Indifference is the enemy.

Why live life in indifference? That's the easy road, the road so many people take when they stick to the "conventional" path.

To hell with that. Get angry. Get upset. Be a sore loser.

The greatest champions on earth have been that way. They'll smash their tennis rackets. They'll throw their bats in disgust. They'll yell and scream to no one and everyone in particular.

And I'm here to tell you that that's perfectly fine. 

Because they care. They have heart. Because they believe in the mission.

And it's only those who believe, who will truly change their world.

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